We are more than just renewable energy consultants. Our experience has allowed us to create a versatile team with a unique perspective.


Our Background

Our team has more than 30 years of combined wind energy experience. We started working together as members of a wind resource assessment team that supported a development pipeline of more than 60 projects with over 300 met towers. Our team provided met tower management, in-depth data and energy analysis, and supported commercial financing for the eventual construction of 18 operating wind farms. In addition, we provided operational and performance analysis on more than 1,800 turbines (3.1 GW). We developed metrics and analytics to monitor performance efficiency, assessed performance changes across time, and evaluated the health of turbine subsystems. From greenfield development to operational analysis, we provided the scientific and technical accountability for business-critical decisions.

The problem

Regardless of a company's size, contractor support is crucial to project development and management. It's often more efficient and cost-effective to seek outside expertise rather than attempting to build all possible competencies from within. We spent close to a decade working with a wide variety of consultants and contractors. Despite many success stories, we typically found that no amount of money could create a scenario where an outside party assumed our same level of responsibility. Frankly, we cared more than they did. This would often produce frustrating situations where we had to either accept inadequate results or expand the contract budget.

the solution

In 2016, we began discussing the possibility of creating our own consultancy that specialized in data analysis and analytics. We were confident in our abilities to provide a quality product based on our collective experience. In addition, we knew that we brought a unique perspective having been "the client" for nearly a decade. We decided that we would create a company made up of consultants who operate like clients. TrendLine was born.