Operational excellence is not just quantified through high availability. Performance assessment and optimization are critical elements to wind farm success.


Performance Assessment

  • Nacelle transfer function (NTF) development
  • Sensor anomaly detection using statistical methods
  • Data surrogation strategy development
  • Expected power calculation  
  • Efficiency-based turbine rankings 
  • Assess turbine performance efficiency using time series analysis 
  • Identify systematic operational behavior driven by meteorological phenomena (e.g. shear, stability, turbulence intensity) 
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics
  • Loss assessment 
  • Power production anomalies
  • Customized reporting


Advanced analysis

  • Yaw misalignment analysis via nacelle-mounted LiDAR
  • Interpret SoDAR data to identify meteorological phenomena that impact turbine performance
  • Fault and event code analysis
  • Performance change assessment


permanent Met tower

  • Monthly data QC
  • Analyze sensor data
  • Failure and event logging
  • Sensor failure detection and notifications
  • Maintenance management (e.g. sensor procurement, crew deployment)